We are Bookers

Bookers, founded in 1991, is a dynamic and future-oriented company specializing in booking b-to-b appointments. We have 125 skilled employees at our main premises in Helsinki and 40 b-to-b experts in other locations around Finland. Our core competencies are quality, effectiveness and ability to manage high volume.

We are partners to several large and medium sized Finnish companies wanting to increase their sales and productivity. Our credit rating is AAA, turnover in 2016 was 10 million EUR. Annually we book approximately 130 000 client meetings and contact more than 300 000 clients and customers.

Our mission is to be an essential part of our clients’ strategy and client acquisition. We have a strong motivation to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and function as a true trusted partner to support all of their goals.

Bookers Group consists of four companies: Bookers Finland Oy, Bookers Connect Oy, Lead Company Oy and Bookers Invest Oy.

Skilled staff is our strength. We invest in the well-being of our employees by supporting recreational activity, sports and other hobbies in addition to always keeping up the good spirit.

Effectiveness, skilled people and a motivating environment enable client acquisition on a high scale.